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Our blog contains posts related to work that we’re doing for our own services in addition to work done on behalf of our clients. Topics range from programming to cloud architecture.

Terraforming AWS API Gateway v2 with VPC Link Integration


We recently switched a client from an AWS API Gateway v1 to an HTTP v2 API. In API Gateway v1, each route…

How to hide Nginx web server version in responses

Asking for a web server’s version

There are many ways in which an attacker can find a vulnerability in a website.…

Converting a Java application from synchronous to asynchronous using CompletableFuture

Synchronous and asynchronous applications

In a synchronous application, each line of code is dependent upon the complete…

How to accidentally spend $600/month using AWS Cloudformation and Cloudfront


I’m sure that there are many ways to accidentally spend more than intended using any cloud provider. Here…

Get a public URL for local websites with ngrok

Purpose of ngrok

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know, which is probably the worst type of unknown.…

DynamoDB made easier with PynamoDB

Using the AWS SDK with DynamoDB

The AWS SDK for Python is well written, well documented, and makes it relatively easy to…

Kind-of an SEO guide: what we did wrong so you don’t have to

Intro image for SEO blog post showing 0 search results for “Influential Code LLC”

Getting started

This post is focused on some of the things that we learned about our website’s search rank and…

Using API Star to Quickly Create a Web API [how-to]

API Star blog post intro image


There are several ways to create an HTTP-based API today, whether that’s using an API gateway…

Unit Testing Python Code that Uses the AWS SDK [how-to]

Intro to unit testing Python code that incorporates the AWS SDK

Unit Testing in Python

Creating unit tests in Python is an excellent way to not only regression test code but also…

Automating Tweets by Processing Events from S3 with AWS Lambda [how-to]

Getting Started

First, before you continue with this post, please read [part one]({{site.base_url}}{% link…

Monitoring Website Requests with Cloudfront

Monitor all requests to CloudFront static site on S3 by adding an OAI

Measure All the Things

Metrics has been a popular concept, and word, for a few years now and justifiably so. Any…

Sending Events to AWS Lambda from S3

S3 and Lambda used together FTW


The primary focus of this post is to demonstrate how to trigger an AWS Lambda function when a new object is…

Hosting a Static Site on S3 with Cloudfront

Process for creating a static site using AWS Cloudfront

It feels like it took a while to get here but Influential Code LLC is official. Our goal is to provide as much value…